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Your First Three Days on the Path to Solopreneurial Success

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Lots of people dream of being solopreneurs, charting their own course each day, accountable only to themselves, and choosing with whom, when and how they move forward. However, getting started can be a real challenge in making that dream a reality. 


Just as the ancient proverb points out, every journey begins with a single step. The path to solopreneurial success begins with a set of steps taken one at a time, walked out over a course of three days. 


Read on to learn how to make your dream come true!


Day One: Gather Your Momentum

A handful of business basics ensure you’re ready for this journey. Start strong with these steps:

  1. What direction will you take? Make sure your idea makes sense for you. 

  2. Think about what traits you bring to the table and how they will shape your path.

  3. Select a great name for your business. 

  4. To help you pinpoint your goals and how to reach them, create a business plan.

  5. Decide what business structure fits with your goals best, and register your business with your state. 


Day Two: Begin Forward Motion


These next steps are centered around finding your first customer and making your first sale. 

  1. Hone in on who your target customer is. 

  2. The first place people usually look for businesses is the internet, so a professional website is a must-have. 

  3. Create an eye catching logo, a memorable tagline and a color scheme that will carry through your marketing campaign.

  4. Your outreach doesn’t have to be bold; subtle options like hashtag use and referral programs can be very effective.

  5. Email is a diverse outreach tool that requires minimal investment of time and money. 

  6. Your chamber of commerce is a terrific resource, loaded with educational information, outreach opportunities and networking events. Make sure you join so you can take full advantage of these benefits. 


Day Three: Get Growing!


On this last day, your steps are dedicated to creating the foundation for future growth.

  1. Your business is nothing without your customers, so develop a customer service plan aimed towards keeping them happy.

  2. Gather customer feedback and learn how to put it to work for your future. 

  3. Look beyond the beaten path for networking opportunities. 

  4. Social media can play a major role in growing your business, and it doesn’t need to take up a large portion of your budget.  


A smooth path to success can easily be achieved in three days, so long as you plot your course thoughtfully. And ZenBusiness can help you along the way. In fact, ZenBusiness has already assisted over 100,000 businesses get up and running with their all-in-one platform. They can help you do everything from build a website to create contracts to file your tax documents. Connect with today! Contact us through our website or our membership directory page. We’d love to help YOU start living your solopreneurial dream!

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